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Eakes Office Solutions Introduces New Management at Columbus Location

Eakes Office Solutions is excited to announce the promotion of Holly Hopkins to Sales Manager/Managing Partner in the Columbus location, and the hiring of Chris Sabatka as Delivery and Install Manager. 

Holly, an Eakes employee since 1996, excelled in both retail sales and outside sales before eventually moving into the Major Accounts Development role, six years ago.  As Managing Partner, Holly will oversee all day-to-day commercial sales activities across all product lines in Columbus.

"Holly's extensive experience in sales at Eakes has provided her exposure to all of our divisions, setting a strong foundation for her success in this role. Her commitment to her customers makes her the perfect fit for this position."

Mark Miller, President & CEO. 

Chris, Delivery and Install Manager, has deep roots in Nebraska.  After spending some time in Nashville pursuing a career in music followed by managerial stints in Texas and Wyoming, Chris is proud to be back in Nebraska. Chris's diverse experiences shape his approach to leadership and will serve our delivery and install teams well.

The company eagerly anticipates the positive impact Holly and Chris will bring to Columbus. Says Miller, "Holly and Chris are poised to accomplish great things in Columbus. Their combined expertise and dedication will guide our growth and success for years to come."