Chemical Dilution Systems

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Chemical Dilution Systems

The FREE Chemical Dilution Dispenser Program, from Eakes!

Eakes offers a FREE Chemical dilution dispenser program, everything from Laundry and Warewash to chemical dilution and drain maintenance. Professional grade cleaning products and chemicals from Spartan and ProsEdge outfit every cleaning need. With everything from floor cleaners and disinfectants to laundry, warewash and food service, Eakes has it covered. We also offer Laundry, Warewash, and Chemical dilution control systems, as part of our FREE chemical dispenser program.


Chemical Dilution

The dilution and dispensing system offers employee safety, accurate diluting, and cost control. Integrated, locking storage cabinet houses up to four ½ gallon cartridges, gallon containers or a combination of ½ gallon and gallon containers. 



Available in 3, 4, or 5 –pump versions.



These dilution systems ensure accurate dilution for sanitizing while controlling cost for manual dish detergent. 


Drain Maintenance

This programmable time dispensing system accurately and automatically dispenses. 

When it Comes to Chemical Dispensers, Think Eakes