Green Initiative

Eakes is focused on what we can change to be more environmentally friendly. It is important to us to be good stewards and to continue to adopt sustainable business practices.

Recycle Toner Cartridges

Our customers join with Eakes in keeping toner cartridges out of the landfills.  We have a comprehensive program through our manufacturer partners, Sharp and Clover Technologies Group for recycling toner cartridges.

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Recycling Paper, Plastic & More

Paper recycling bins are strategically placed in our facilities and at workstations. Eakes also stives to recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans in our facilities. We keep after each other to assure no one forgets  to recycle because our aluminum cans benefit a local non-profit. Lastly, we work with other businesses to recycle outdated computers, copiers and any metal from equipment that can be salvaged. 

Manufacturer Partnerships

Eakes partners with manufacturers who are also committed to sustainable business practices; Sharp, HP, Muratec, Steelcase, Hon, NewellRubbermaid, Avery and many more.  We partner with manufacturers that continue to create new products that meet and exceed sustainable business standards.

Electronic Document Management

We scan and digitally file and store our documents to reduce paper, toner consumption and save on physical storage space.

Energy-Saving Lighting & Temperature

Eakes is replacing or has already replaced dated lighting fixtures to more energy-efficient lighting in all facilities. With programmable thermostats in our facilities to regulate our heating and air conditioning in off periods, we have reduced energy usage.

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