McGrath North Attorneys

Office Supplies case study for McGrath North Attorneys

McGrath North was founded in Omaha in 1959, and has grown into one of the Midwest’s largest and most reputable firms.  Their success is a direct result of the expertise developed while representing a broad client base, and where their focus is providing clients with practical advice and exceptional results.  Experience and proficiency have made McGrath North the firm of choice for clients in Nebraska, the Midwest and beyond.


McGrath North ordered office supplies online with a national company. They did not have a representative to assist them with their ordering, budgeting or paying processes. They were responsible themselves for researching products needed by their staff, finding the product numbers and creating and submitting the orders online. Distributing paper within their organization was burdensome and time consuming to manage. Also managing their office supplies expense was a concern.


Eakes evaluated their order, budgeting and paying process and instituted a customized Procurement Program for their Office Supplies that includes:

  • Customized price program to meet their organization’s specific needs.
  • Online list of favorite items to streamline the process for reoccurring orders.
  • Online product conversion reference to smooth the ordering transition to Eakes.
  • Complete order delivery to simplify their paying process.
  • Paper delivery and distribution by an Eakes employee with placement of paper directly to their designated areas.
  • Office Products Specialist assigned to their account to provide personal consulting for special requests and product knowledge and quick answers to their questions.
  • Customer Service available immediately by phone, email and online chat.
  • Flexibility to amend their program to meet their organization’s changing needs.
  • Business review to evaluate effectiveness of Procurement Program.


McGrath North realized a 16% savings on their office supplies in their first year with Eakes. Their experience with Eakes services has provided them with a simple order process and a paper distribution plan managed by Eakes. They now have industry expertise available and very accessible through their Office Products Specialist.