Presbyterian Church of the Cross

In 2023, Eakes had the privilege of collaborating with the Presbyterian Church of the Cross on an engaging and rewarding project. Working closely with the dedicated team at the church, we embarked on a journey to enhance their spaces, infusing comfort and aesthetics into their expanded premises. Central to our approach was the inclusive nature of our design process. Through multiple live design sessions, we fostered an environment where every voice at the church was heard. This collaborative effort allowed for a comprehensive exploration of layout and design preferences, ensuring that the final result reflected the collective vision while aligning seamlessly with the church's character.

Our design team played a pivotal role in sourcing fabrics and finishes that not only complemented the envisioned ambiance but also remained within the designated budget. Balancing affordability with creativity, we curated a palette that harmonized colors and patterns, offering a vibrant yet serene atmosphere within the church's spaces.

The main focus of this collaboration was to create inviting and comfortable environments. Leveraging the extensive lounge seating portfolio from OFS, we curated a selection of unique options that merged functionality with elegance. While offering diverse choices, our focus remained unwavering on maintaining consistency in fabrics and finishes, ensuring a cohesive and polished appearance.